7 actions to be avoided when fighting with your wife/husband

Whenever it comes to friendship or relationship, clashes and conflicts happen as a matter of fact. One cannot end the occurring of conflict but can reduce it to the scale where it matters and mean nothing. It is easy to hurt with a word but too difficult to med the hurt later. So, in the advisable things, one of them is not to utter words randomly and carelessly which can bring an impact on the health of this relationship. Shadi online Islamabad gives further advise about it.

Do not include your family members in it

Family members are respectable. One must avoid taking name of other members specially of parents. The very act can escalate the tension instead of reducing it. Words stay longer in memory no matter one goes beyond the limit to cancel the effects of the harsh words.

Avoid violence

During exchange of harsh comments and clash, violence must be avoided. Though, deciding about violence has no room in anger but this is what one should learn. Learning control in anger to avoid violence is the foremost thing one should learn. This act is beyond civilized and cultured man’s practices. Previous grudges must not be vented out in new fight. One cannot stop other from holding old grudges. New agenda should not be ignored by the previous grudges.

Don’t talk about divorce

Never ever utter a word divorce in anger. Because anger can make one do the wrong things which are not supposed to be happen anyway. Once you claim anything and then vow to do the same in your anger, it becomes an ego problem which intrigues a man to do it anyway. One must avoid the word divorce me or divorce you.


All the above arguments might sound ideal and redundant, but solution lies in the above statements. Rishtay in Islamabad and shadi Lahore provide the solution to the problem. false claims in anger must be avoided which one cannot do and perform in act such as “I ll leave you and will never come back no matter you beg”.

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