Secret; The bonds of matrimony mature slowly

Matrimony is the only things which is beyond one’s understanding and at the same time it is the most common event that occur on hourly basis on this earth. Some claim that they have got the secret of happy marriage by having an experience, but they turned out to be wrong when they encountered with another life partner after failing and experiencing from the first marriage. Every day they get new experience with new person. Had they learned the secret of happy marriage they would have failed the 2nd and third relationship. In fact, there is only one secret which is an idea that bonds of matrimony (shadi online) mature gradually.

It takes time to understand each other so play on the formula’ benefit of doubt’.

What they just trust it. Be simple. Avoid the things which are avoidable. Let the anger go. This is how one can understand one’s significant other. Benefit of doubt is always a recommended idea to gain the trust of your spouse. Give time and space to your partner to get the better of him. Act when the picture is too clear to be seen through.

It takes two to tango

You must have heard that no issue can be created without the cooperation of both parties. Claps are clapped with two hands. Though there is a possibility that one person is in peace and the other is under the false and wrong assumptions.

Fake it until you make it

There is a key to fall in love. If you are newly wedded and don’t know how to behave then always chose love as a feeling to wear. So, until you get peace of mind of your spouse, go lovey dovy and play quietly in positive manners.


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