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Great marriage is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences

God has created every element in this world different. Identity is the noun that was described as a word in dictionary to define individual’s idiosyncratic characteristic. Even faces have not been created alike. This is the core of the universe and nature. Keeping that view in mind, one can easily come into confirmation of the idea that respecting other’s opinion. Harping on the same idea, one can have a happy married life. All we need to unfold the magic of this universe under the terms of ideas listed below.

Differences are beautiful

All you need to enjoy it rather getting upset on it. Differences create beauty in life by giving variety. Every negative thing has a positive aspect if dealt with positive lens. Differences must not be tried to be shed off from life instead they should be celebrated by coming into a compromise.

Similarities are bonus

If you find similarities between you two then call it a bonus. But sometimes too much simulacra create boredom. Human being is not a lover of status quo. He likes change. Though change comes heavy on some, but status quo is even heavier to spend a whole life. one must keep the basic rule of life in mind that human beings are not alike.

Respect different opinions

Harping on the above idea, different people possess different opinion. God has no created even same faces till now, how can minds be alike. Mature people do not have a trait that make them to defy another’s opinion or idea. They can stick to their idea but are not supposed to reject others particularly, never try to deny opinion of your significant other under the terms of courtesy and love.

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