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Marriage Does Not Guarantee Togetherness Forever

If you opine that by only signing paper and having accepted each other in front of people is a marriage and it will continue merely standing upon the holy vow you take, then you are wrong. it’s only paper. It takes love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship and faith in your relationship to make it last. Marriage is the most delicate link and at the same time it is the strongest thread knot which is tied and the point to be focused here is that the knot is precarious and can’t sustain permanency because it needs some other mix of elements to survive.


Love and compassion are the crucial part of any relationship. This is the main core of any relation. Relationship of every kind sustain and retain only on the main factor called love. When love is there, one can ignore any of the fault or mistake done by the partner but if it is missing the opposite happens.


Understanding is not something to be brought in relationship by effort but to some extent it could be manufactured with the only key which is called comparison.


Friendship is the element which is often eliminated or a forgotten one. It is always outweighed by love, understanding, but it is the one of the elements which must be in the relation because it is the only sustainer of the relationship.


Love is thicker than blood relation. There could be many odds between you and your better half but if love is there between you two. Love opens new horizons and explores new opportunities by turning all the odds into good. It is true that love cannot stay same in the same gravity and with the same intensity, but efforts must continue to make romantic goals which include: buying gifts for each other, lit up candles instead of lamps, sending good mornings with flowers etc. As in this digital age, in the Rishta online era things which enchant the relationship are required more than usual because digital age has distracted human to the scale where he, she can feel accompanied and feel no loneliness. So, folks need to buck up to save their partners from distracted by social media.

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