Ap ki soch vs Society ki soch

Social patterns are stringent. On has to follow anyway. There is no other way to live but in a gregarious manner because humans can’t survive in desolation. Social laws are good because they keep checking on the moral duties of a person. So the question arises here to what extent one should follow the norm? Society constructs collective beliefs and gives way to generating stereotypes that of them later become a stigma. In all that process, you lost the meaning of true freedom that once was fought by humanity. Society treats men and women differently. It questions women more than it does men about the performance of social norms. Though the examples also apply to men and women equally.

Humans are social animals that, we argued in the above paragraph and proved. But can we live defying society? We sometimes come across situations that make us choose between the ‘’ app ki soch and the society ki soch? That means choosing your happiness above community or preferring society over your preferences. This situation is most likely to occur with women when she is about to make some new decisions in their life. Particularly about marriage. Shaadi. pk recommends that you look into your happiness first, then weigh the decision according to society. The one primary reason we should not prefer society over ours is that humanity never gets satisfied with whatever you do. One cannot make happy the whole world but a few. The few must be comprised of your immediate family. Another significant parameter is our religion. Trust me; our religion is more sound and better than this society. Religion allows us to go for a love marriage while some toxic relatives would never want this, or even if they stay quiet at the moment, they will later stick to backbite and question your conduct. You must have heard the famous adage that ‘people talk’ and talk unstoppable. You are yourself, people, for someone else. If all of us start exercising self-happiness and not getting involved in other matters, life can be beautiful and according to the norms. So now it’s your choice to follow the logon ki soch or apki Apni soch

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