Dealing With Repeated Infidelity in Marriage

The sanctity of the sacred vow ‘I do’ is breached at the very moment when you learn to know that your husband is a repeat philanderer. In Pakistan, the culture has been sculpted in a way that such issues must not be talked about. As some sociologist believe that talking about the mole out of hill makes it a hill someday. The very theory falls in the labeling theory of crime and deviance. But here takes the initiative and talk about the oddity of infidelity that has become a common norm in our society.  Only people who have been in such a hurtful situation can understand the deep and damaging pain this can cause. Upon discovering that their spouse is a chronic cheater, the betrayed partner’s emotions, indeed their universe, is turned completely upside down. It violates the holiness of the social organization, the family. The damage to your family and to yourself is irreparable. We should discuss that the thing should be ignored in the setting of Pakistani society or be taken at front desk to discuss.

Women are the victims of such a gross act and they are taught to ignore the infidelity of their husbands for the good. The damage out of such disillusioned act of man toward his family which is tacit and latent is in abundance.

Children are the first that get effected

The family mood leaves the impact on the members of the family in abundance. Children takes notes from the behaviors and attitudes of their parents. Mother’s acting tacit on the acts of her husband gives courage to son to do the same with his wife and an impression to daughter that males are infidels by nature so we cannot fight the nature. The twofold impact has its offspring impact as well which is the upsetting of the family environment and the loss of the cohesion and bond among the members of the family.

You doubt your own sense of self-worth

Women lose her self-worth. The infidel nature of her husband bring the women to question her own worth in her own court of judgment. Society on the other hand gives full support to such male members which in turn further reduce the chances for a wife to talk about it on any formal or informal forum.

You become self-critical

Self-critical nature is a poison for the inner peace and the composure. It gives birth to several negative behaviors and habits to the level from where retreat is impossible. ‘The happy women is a myth’ kind of stereotypical remarks mark their origin from such plight from where extrication is impossible. takes pride to discuss such problems on the social media platform in hoping to get the momentum as soon along with the best service in providing best rishta for you at home.

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