Secrets, you should keep from your partner

Everyone has its personal life and when they share that personal life, it become marital life. It is a common myth which is commonly known that after marriage you must tell your husband all what you see, observe and feel never hide anything from him. But this is not a good practice. Telling every little detail without analyzing whether it is in his favor or not just to be honest does not make sense. You are the gatekeeper of information. You spend most of the time with his family at his back while he is office. You must skim some information which is out of proportion. Skip some which is hurting and add some which favorable in knowing.

Hide your dislike for any of his family member

The first this first not to tell is your dislike for some of his family member. There is no doubt in believing that there must be some members in family of your in laws that irritates you and always annoy you for nothing but to shun that behaviors of them does not make you to tell about it to your husband by adding some fuel to the fire.  There are many alternative ways in which you can get some impressions on your spouse tacitly that he don’t mind it and mind it too at the very same time. Because his immediate family no matter how bad people they are would never ever be bad for him. So instead you making your name to be looked down upon, you must keep the stature of respect high and work in unknowingly manners to avoid the tension.

Keep his privacy intact

You are the guard of his private life now. It is absurdity if every girl of your age in your in laws know the secrets of his private life. Some women tell the private life to others just to be little proud or to gain attention that how happy life or unhappy life I have. This is the flagrant violation of the vow that you take on the day of your Nikah.

Don’t tell him about your dislike which he can’t change

Not everything is in your charge. It sounds cliché but this is the fact as well that fate has some designs for you to follow. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Don’t force your husband about something which he can’t do anything about. Don’t tell him about your dislikes be it in his personality or in his Family persistent unless you are sure that he can have the power to change it.

Never tell him that you spend money lavishly

The money he earns is the hardest thing. Here we have to talk about the middle- middle class Family as we have 70% of the families roughly which belong to middle class where earning money for the good might be easy but meeting expenditures is really tough task. No matter you belong to a rich family but if you are getting married to some self- made man, rich or not so rich or a rich in making, you are supposed to take care of his money.


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