Hearts beyond the Borders

When they leave far beyond their motherland, they leave their hearts behind. They have a sentimental connection with their country. No matter how long they have been living abroad, Pakistanis always want to come back to Pakistan or enjoy their loved one from Pakistan to visit them more than often and possibly only through the Rishta and shadi.

Connecting through rishtay is the stronger tie among other connections. They want to wed their son or daughter from Pakistan to get total deviation from their past or country. Rishtay in the UK, USA are in abundance.

It increases remittances for Pakistan. 

Binding people to cross the border in the bond of shadi is the most fantastic way to benefit your own country. Through this act, they send monetary assistance to Pakistan, and it increases Pakistan’s economy. This is the most appreciable method to demonstrate one’s love for one’s motherland.

They stay connected with Pakistan. 

Marriage is not the bond between just two persons. It is the bond between two families, and the two families mean Pakistan. Through exchange and communication, they exchange cultural traits and adopt some from them which suit them.

Chances for Pakistanis to visit abroad

Shadi across the border gives you a chance to visit the country in case you are unable to pay for the visit. Your husband or wife can get you abroad. The very practice increases the chance between the two countries to exchange cultural and social patterns, which is one of the biggest reasons globalization has become a reality.

Solve the growing issue of matchmaking

In this mechanical world, people have no time to find rishta for themselves, and parents can’t see because the young generation differs from the older generation’s choices. Rishtay abroad is the solution to this enigma.

A true Pakistani will never forget his roots when it comes to making rishta.

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