Nikah, the Real Love

Whatever the culture and religion you are in, no matter on what level the modernity has culminated; marriage bond is still an appreciating phenomenon. It is a mesmerizing fantasy that brings the ray of happiness and feelings of completeness. Pakistani matrimonial process starts with Nikah, which is an embodiment of true love. Nikah process is as simple as the word itself sounds but in the present era, it has become a difficult and complex process to perform.

Marriage unites two souls. Nikah nullifies the existence of other relationship and glorifies betrothal under and social agreement. An eye can indeed catch a glance of love at first sight anywhere, anytime but the completeness of love does not take place until they vow to come into Nikah.

The famous quote reads: ‘Rishtay Aasmano me bntay hen or joray zameen par ‘clearly indicates that marriage, the nikah has some spiritual contact with the divine which must not be violated. The 21st century has unleashed various modern patterns of social behaviours which negatively affected marriage. The new era has added embellishments in the nikah process and has made it difficult to be performed in simple manners.

Now finding Rishta online through proper matrimonial sites is no more an odd culture. It is purporting and developing positively especially in south Asia where complexities of cultures have led people to choose an easier way. Online rishta finding in Pakistan is the easiest way to find the perfect match instead of having hectic and unavoidably tedious exercises of Rishta finding.

Nikah, the real love’s essence reject the trends of boy-friendship or girl-friendship in our culture and confidently negate the existence of so-called true love without marriage. As without nikah relationship is the same as one is sitting on the bank of the sea and sea is full of freshwater but it is denying its water to be drunk by that person who is also thirsty. This analogy explains that the sea is our society and the person is a boyfriend who is having a relationship with the water beyond Nikah terms. This is how Rishtay is deprived of true love without the bond of nikah.

Wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. Human being’s eternal struggle is to get ease in life, which comes with making the right choices in life. Marriage is the beginning of a family life requiring discretion in choosing a life partner. A simple nikah will retain the lost happiness. Nikah is the demonstration of true love which imperatively makes society grow healthy and prosper.

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