Forced marriage is anything but marriage

Don’t let them force you for the noble thing like Nikah because when nikah is forced it becomes anything else but the Nikah itself.  When it is forced it loses its essence. Nikah means consent from the core of the heart, whereas forced marriages are the opposite of it. Forced marriages don’t fall indeed on the definition and purpose of marriage. The real purpose of marriage is to create a legitimate relationship that involves an individual’s hearty consent. If the heart-the free will is not the party in the marriage, it directly poses a question on the legitimacy of relation.

The online source of Rishta finding is a new trend that has somehow cancelled the forced marriage trend. Let us examine how online web culture is replacing the forced marriage culture in Pakistan.

  1. Online marriage allows you to take a direct part in your wedding. 

Convince your family and win their trust that you can find them Bahuu or Damad according to their requirement from internet websites such as shaadee. Pk. In this way, space gets created to impose your likes and dislikes masking your parents’ choice onto it.

2.      Technology is a blessing in disguise; it makes you the only king of your empire. 

Online Rishta finding process leaves the old non-tech-savvy generation hapless in deciding for you. You are the sole rider of your life. You interact first on the website; only you can sign up because only you can deal with the complex web.

3.      The online solution has eased the risk to get forcefully married to your cousin.

Due to complexities in Pakistani society, marital issues are becoming hard to solve. Finding the bride and groom of perfect match is the most tiring process, leading to forced marriage. Parents make their children accept their cousins as their life partner forcefully.

4.      Online Rishta services are not fraud; it is forced marriages.

Usually, a concept prevails in developing societies that online Rishta thing is a flawed system. But it is the other way around. They ask you to accept an unwanted husband by giving you the incentive that by dwelling with each other, you will fall in love with him, while in the case of online shaadi you get the arranged marriage on the foundation of love.

5.      Online shaadi saves you from cousin marriage. 

In Forced marriages, proposals are commonly from cousins. They incentivize you that Cousin Marriage is safe and you will be finding no new challenges in your new life when your in-laws are your blood relatives. Only one word to denigrate this myth is enough that when the couple is not happy with each other, it does not matter whether you are married to your cousin or anyone else.

We, the youth, reject forced marriage, aka cousin marriage. Let’s kudos to the online websites and online matrimonial platforms, which are good omens for the coming generation in order to bring change in the walk of marriage related issues of human life.

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