Happy Marriage is not a myth anymore

It is commonly said that couples never reach the height of happiness for which they get married. Dream to have an ideal life remains unfulfilled. Expectations kill the beauty of staying together. They both tie mere imaginable hopes- far from reality-from each other, which later get them to fall into sadness. According to psychologists, if they adopted some simple behaviours, then happiness could be achieved easily.

Respect each other

There is no harm in addressing each other with good words after Marriage. They say that saying AAP-Janab to each other is death to frankness. They don’t feel Apna-pan until they come up with honesty. Well, the point is that it does not matter what they call each other but respect is a dietary element to keep the Marriage successfully happy. Respect not only your partner but also show reverence to his/her family.

Caring Nature 

Some people are careless, and it is beautiful that you stay careless but to the extent where you differ with animals because carelessness is the latter’s quality, not of humans. Whether you love or like your spouse or not, showing care toward each other is the first and the foremost principle of a relationship. This habit has the power that it can make you fall in love with each other in case you both forcefully married.

Responsible Attitude 

Only a responsible man can become a good husband and good daddy. A responsible person would be caring and loving. He would know that being kind to her wife is his responsibility because he has pledged his allegiance to his wife on the day of Nikah. Nikah means founding oneself responsible enough that one can establish a serious relationship. The same theory applies to women. Such behaviour gives way to happiness, and Rishtay stays immune from the shadow of sadness.


Gratitude in Urdu means shukarguzari. Ungratefulness is equal to sin. It is vehemently abominable near God. Women nature is more ungrateful than that of men, and this is how the former doesn’t enjoy the beauty of shadi ka rishta. They don’t give space to their husband and keep complaining about matters that do not exist and don’t matter. Both must stay grateful to each other for every bit they do for each other.

Recognizing all those acts, words and gestures which cause sadness and disappointment in relationships is the primary task. Inducing empty happiness by not considering those elements which trigger bad feelings is a futile exercise. True happiness lies in respect, love, care and gratitude for each other.

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