International Rural Women day- 15, Oct 2019 Naya Pakistan, Rural Women and

Naya Pakistan could not do better in women rights protection. The slogan that ‘’feminism has degraded motherhood’’ by the former PM still holds the ground in our legislation and political realm. The absence of women’s rights minority is the indicator that one can safely assume that Naya Pakistan has done nothing except giving handful of women the representation in cabinet. The social movements be that ‘’#metoo’’ or the extinction rebellion have not taken its roots in Pakistan. Pakistan presents a dismal picture when it comes to its women population which constitutes the half of population. Female literacy rate stands at 51.8%. Pakistan has been one of the highest maternal mortality rates in South Africa. It ranked a low/133 out of 189 on the global gender inequality index. If we trace back the women rights movements, we see the year 1980 when women challenged the status quo by literally facing the targets and police batons. In those movements the prominent agenda is still missing. Younger women today are stepping forward in the fields of innovation and technology which have been considered odd for women decade ago. These women are ray of hope for our rural women. Gender parity has become the agenda of most of the institutions in hiring. But what about those rural women who are still following the stringent norms of the previous century in practicing their gender. The basic tenet of equality is missed when it comes to discuss rural women. They are barred from higher education or in some cases even from basic primary education. Why has Naya Pakistan address any of these issues yet? It is hard to believe that there are some areas in underdeveloped countries including Pakistan where a women is still under the archaic practice of asking from their male guardians about their basic rights to attain. Change in women condition is visible but that change is not sustainable. 70% of women population lives in rural areas in Pakistan. Modernization has touched urban women only which is 30% of all the women population. and rural women

The rural women is not allowed to marry outside of family and if they don’t find any suitable proposal in family then they end up staying single for the whole life. The picture is very bleak. has lent a hand of help to rural women in finding the best mate for marriage. Online platform that gives the plethora of choice to find husband so that they can live by their own choice.

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