advice on one of the serious issue that is rising in the present time-Infidelity.

How sudden fantastic relationship turned into the hardest one? How infidelity plays role in ruining a perfect relationship? How can you cope with it when the moment you get to know that your wife or husband is cheating on you? It is the hardest part of life in case it happened in your marital life. No matter how bad you have been with your wife or no matter you have paved the way for her to cheat on you. It led to a question that should I stay or should I quit. How many of us have wondered privately what we would do if infidelity ruptured our relationship. But the most courageous option is to stay and rebuild your relationship. The very pre requisite is if your partner is ashamed of what he/she did to this sacred relationship. If he/she is not ashamed then staying would not be any help. Nevertheless you should know that the major reason to relationship breakdown across the globe is infidelity. As soon as the news spread about your partner’s infidelity the external pressure will be increased on you to leave your wife and quit on her. You would find yourself hearing that leopards can’t change spots, nature can’t be changed, and it is in her/his instinct to cheat etc. On the other hand the pressure comes from within. But you have to stay firm and stronger in that case. In the process, reinvigorating the relationship with our same partner is the hardest job. You have to accept is faults. The foundation is not love or the social hindrances but the humanity inside you. And if you have children then you have more than a reason to stay with a person and try to meet his/her all expectation. It is a known fact that being courageous in such a situation is vulnerable. It takes courage to admit being hurt, it takes courage to examine events leading up to betrayal and courage to rebuild your confidence. For the betrayer, it takes courage to admit causing hurt to the one you love. It is hard to face your own guilt. Most of the time the betrayer himself wants to quit the relationship because he/she are not ready to face the guilt or to out themselves in the court of justice where they know that they have committed wrong and they will be punished with psychological techniques. To repair the breach of trust it demands a lot of time and work to do o partner. The quitting is easier but sticking to the same partner is hardest job nevertheless the latter part has more fruits to pay and you will thank you for your efforts. Three are two main things that the betrayer needs to do quickly to repair the breach of trust. It is SOS, an international code for distress, it says we are in crises, save us. And the betrayal is also in crises. Say sorry and own the responsibility of the betraying. The word sorry is already little distorted so be careful when you say the word. It should not be sounding like you are not actually sorry or you are just trying to quickly be normal. You must mean the word sorry. The true contrition is much needed. You must own what you did. It will save the betrayed from further pain and hurt you caused. Secondly, the spade work, actions should be taken immediately after admitting the crime. Actions speak louder than the words. The person with whom you had secret relationship either it was physical one or the emotional one needs to be cut out on urgent terms. This is how you can build trust and regain the confidence of your partner. Be transparent with your phone laptop or all the communication channels, and bank accounts and passwords. Let you partner intrude in your very privacy. Building a relation is hard but the fruits are sweets, letting it go and quitting on it easier but you will end up being alone or live with the facts that you have once hurt or ruined the confidence and the will to live of your ex-partner. It will haunt you and will steel your peace of mind. makes relationship. It does not advise to break up with your partner no matter what.

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