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Is your way the same as your partner’s?, Shaadi Online
Is your way the same as your partner’s?

Is Your Way The Same As Your Partner’s?

The conflict has no ending. It never stopped. Where there is human, conflict exists. Your way of living will go under significant changes after marriage to keep harmony with your partner’s way of living. Some argue that keeping your way and identity alive by not letting your style from submerging with your partners is what respectable is, but the other school of psychologists claim that mingling with your partner’s way of life is the best to do to mitigate the conflicts accruing between the two.

Align your style with your partner’s

Attitudes vary according to the personalities. It is not an odd fact that he possesses different aptitudes, likes and dislikes and even has a tendency toward the things which are awkward according to you. But the adversary starts when you are not ready to align yourself with your partner preferences. Follow his routine for someday and get yourself followed by him. it’s a trick, try it.

Develop eating habits with him/her

Your relentless persistence and determination is needed in every walk of life but not really at your home. The more you are lenient the more you gain. Develop habits, change your food choices, adopt matching style with him/her to maintain alliance between you two.

Harmonize Fashion patterns with him/her

Bring likes dislikes to the level where a fair compromise can be made to lessen the conflict. If he has hippie style and you don’t like it then you must not stop him from his wishful attire. You can change his taste by providing him more opportunities and choices where he can feel like changing his dress code or if you have any likeness for the way he dresses, develop some of it and try to adopt it.

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