Marital Bond is Falling in Love with the Same Person Time and Again

There is no ending to love. Love is eternal. But still there are some questions that arise that why people break up. There is a simple answer to the very question. It is not that love is defected, the fault lies in ours not executing the relationship to the scale of Nikah. Nikah is the ultimate source of happiness and provide base for the love to stay eternal. Harping on the above idea, it is sane to ask that if Nikah is the sound ending then how a person can stay in love with the same person till death? Human nature incite man to explore new and fall for the deviant no matter he/she is in the binding of one thing. Keeping such nature in mind there comes a natural solution, why not they fall in love with the same person time and again because change is the only eternal bliss and the lone permanent phenomenon, so after every new chapter and new event in life, man changes a bit and here you can have a new person in the same edify. Try falling in love with him again. It is an amazing experience.

Every season impregnate new soul in a person

Develop likeness for the new changes appear in your partner and you will for sure fall in love with that person easily. Ups and down are the essential part of one’s life. There are occasions when you can have the best of your partner and sometimes there are mood swings. Some changes are permanent, and some habits are occasional, all you need is to develop yourself with the flow.

Every striking incident changes a person a bit, love him/her anyway

Strike of bad luck or fortune of good luck are the permanent shadows of life. They grow longer or gets shorter but never fade away. Behaviors and moods switch so no need to panic. They get settled with the passage of time or you get to manage with the person.

Develop yourself to cope with your partner’s new ambitions

Is he/she is going through rough times? There come career changes and many more one has to go through. So adopt yourself accordingly.

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