Physical or emotional abuse-there is no excuse for that

There are wounds that don’t appear on our body but they hurt more than the wounds we get on our body. It’s the emotional abuse. These wounds don’t bleed but hurt more than the bleeding ones. Emotional abuse is as bad as the physical abuse. If not worse. Just because a person don’t lay hands on you does not mean that he is not abusing you. If he/she has no tool to hurt you, he/she has tongue. Women are most of the battered party in husband wife relationship. This trend in our society has taken its roots so deep that despite putting extra efforts in spreading awareness and making laws could not eradicate it perfectly. Emotional abuse has different forms. Abuse is another name of control. Abuse is disrespect. Abuse is internal pain. Women must not settle for emotional abuse thinking that it is not physical and how will she answer the society about taking step against the emotional abuse because no one will understand her pain. If you are afraid of your partner when he is angry, if you afraid of how he will react if you raise voice in your defense, if you are afraid of their reaction on being yourself the you are already experiencing a form of mental and emotional abuse. Being alone may scare you but being in a bad relation will scar you. If we discuss this particular issue with the reference of Pakistan then it’s hard to escape from the mental and emotional abuse. Physical or domestic violence is highlighted now. There are laws that can if not curb can condemn the domestic violence, a form of physical abuse, but no one is showing concern for the mental abuse which is bruising the soul of the delicate creature as women. It has its twofold effects. It is sabotaging the future generation from developing into a progressive and positive- potential generation. A daughter or a son both are equally affected by the domestic violence at their home either it is in physical abuse form or mental abuse form. Young girls as your daughters learn to stray quiet over the emotional abuse as they see their mother’s practice and boys as sons learn to behave in ruthless manners as they see their father’s practices. At a first glance, it is intimidating to know that your sister, friend or your mother is the subject of domestic violence but soon you get settled with this by realizing that this is the common thing in your society and you can’t do anything except making your friend, mother or sister to have peace with it. It should be addressed on forums by NGOs, by media and by government office. Women is the beauty of our universe. She has the responsibility to bear generations and generations are the future of our society.

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