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Save Your Wife to Save Your Life, Marriage in Pakistan
Save Your Wife to Save Your Life

Save Your Wife to Save Your Life

It is no doubt a fact that women has the power to influence man’s life  no matter how strong he is or how rude he has been throughout his life but as soon as women enters in his life, thaw is the result  in his life which could be observe  by anyone. Harping on the formula that save your wife to save your life, many observers draw an interesting conclusion which is an ultimate and sheer complaisant to your wife to save your life from the unnecessary tension.

Is she is little annoying- Deal with it happily

Women is an epitome of greatness. It very okay to bear her diatribes. Let her evolve and develop with confidence. No one can stay fake for longer. You cannot curb anyone for longer so let her be herself and you generate the patience level to bear her.

If she is demanding – try to meet the expectations

What could be the height of demands she expect from you. In my opinion it would be not more than asking a home or a car or a dress or maybe she want to buy your time. It’s your choice to choose from the demands what suits you. It very simple. If you lack money no problem give her your time she will be equally happy.

Invest in love

Generate feelings for the sake of life, for the wife and for your family. Only love can intact your relation from decaying, so push yourself to the edge of love. Be a ruler of love at home.

Surprise her

Small gifts are no burden on your budget. Gifts of chocolates and flowers, though it is an old school, but trust me love is also an old school, must be presented to her time and again.

Say YES to her

Saying yes does not demand much from you. Its cause you no harm if you say yes to her on every related or irrelative demand. It is not a recommendation to practice every yes, you said to her. But just say it.

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