Why Have We Made Shadi A Burden On Ourselves With So Much Of Stereotypes, Marriage in Pakistan
Why Have We Made Shadi A Burden On Ourselves With So Much Of Stereotypes?

Why Have We Made Shadi A Burden On Ourselves With So Much Of Stereotypes?

Shadi has become an onus on parents and it goes on those with double effects if you are heir of yourself. Social system is the soul of any state if it gets weekend and Imbalance then the whole country get shaken. Shadi is one if those elements of a society who have led it to no stable system due to inclusion of many unreasonable embellishments attached to it. Shadi is not anymore an easy task or a simple procedure to get through. Many of the reasons are there which could be overthrown if handled logically instead emotionally. A Few of the myths and cultural stereotypes must be busted if you just want to marry in the name of good faith and positive intents.

Stereotype#1: Social issues: Classes, status, rich/poor, cast, age

Women most of the time face unreal demand from  peer group that she has to look smart, beautiful, young and well off so that she get a good proposal. The first crucial problem and hinderance that come into way to marriage commence from such mindset.

Stereotype#2: You need capital

You must be rich and if you are not rich then borrow and act like you are rich so that good families get attracted to you for their son or daughter proposal. Yet another false imposter that is a stumbling block on the way to easy marriage.

Stereotype#3: you need government employment

Ah! Man finds stability and stability finds man, what a seek and hide and man is not unaware of this fact. Stable job is no doubt a big sigh of relief to spend a life at ease but parents not letting their daughter get married with the one who has ‘whimsical substance’ of life– they call whimsical to a private job– this stereotype must be killed now at the grounds of the fact that private jobs are way better than the creature comfort, the govt job.

Last but not the least Stereotype#4: well-furnished home

Well a quite logical and legitimate desire but not a block on the road to having a life partner. Pakistan has more than 60% poor and the people living below the average. If everyone thinks on the pattern of this stereotype then 70% of them would not get married.

Its Ok peeps if he has no house and living on tenancy. Its about your fate. Marrying a man or women with having house not necessarily likely to keep you happy for the rest of life.

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