Lavishly Spending On Marriage Ceremony Is No Wisdom; Stay In the Middle, Marriage in Pakistan
Lavishly Spending On Marriage Ceremony Is No Wisdom; Stay In the Middle

Lavishly Spending On Marriage Ceremony Is No Wisdom; Stay In the Middle

The soul aim must be a happy marriage in the backdrop of winning hearts and peaceful life. Lavishly spending on marriage does bot sail a boat but mere a wastage of resources. Richness does not need a showcase to show off. People take marriage ceremonies as the platform to demonstrate pomposity and vigor. Staying in middle, having cognizance with the implications and aware of the surrounding social situations is the best policy for one prudent being.

No frugality, yet no extra vagrancy

it is no recommendation that one should avoid celebrating the event of marriage of his daughter or son and at the same time it is not a wise suggestion that he in spendthrift manners arrange functions. The money could be spend for food, for shelter for poor and for any good cause. Allah‘s benevolence to one by showering wealth must be regarded in most thankful manners.

Dowry is her right but stay in limits

There is a trend in Pakistan that parents no matter how rich or how poor avoid giving dowry owing to many reasons. It is good for poor but it is really bot for the rich and the one who can afford because it is the right of your daughter on you. Send her to her next home with best possible arrangements not because of your fame or name but for rights dispensation.

Set budget

It is conceivable that one finds himself in shockingly repellent plight of bankruptcy when the marriage ceremony is over due to mere no setting of budget before the commencement of event. Setting budget and then staying in the contours of budget is not a cake walk but this is what they call it management of event.

Show off should be haram

Mostly people no matter how hand to mouth they are spend whole if their life’s accumulations lavishly on marital ceremonies due to social pressure and keep up appearance which is very wrong in its logic and in its practice. A country man spends his whole life in collecting money for the one event in life which is his daughter’s marriage and after the function he reduced to rubbles and spend next life in paying the debts.

Such practices must be ceased to the level where undue social pressure must vacate and let the middle class breath.

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