Love Your Wife/Husband Anyway; Secret Is Fake It Until You Make It, Marriage in Pakistan
Love Your Wife/Husband Anyway; Secret Is Fake It Until You Make It

Love Your Wife/Husband Anyway; Secret Is Fake It Until You Make It

Relationships are capricious.  They stand on your impulse that your partners cares for you. So, feelings are the base of relations. Its ok if you don’t love him her in start or having any conflicts which are halting you from falling in love with that person. But it is not okay if you don’t show passion at all and reveal no compassion toward your partner. There are many rules to follow to fall in love.

Buy gifts time and again without any special occasion

Buy gifts occasionally to remind each other the forgotten love. Love is a condition that happen upon a person intermittently.  It does not drive one through the same feelings. Exchanging gifts let you feel more wanted and valued.

Show compassion for no reason

Care and love without waiting for any reason and happening. Care comes from inside and love erupts from heart. It does not require any extrinsic dramatic events for one to instigate love. Your partner must not be made to seek sympathy and love from you. Give her/him free love and priceless care.

Seek permission

It seems unsoundly, but asking before taking any initiative will win your partner heart. It gives one a sense of value in the eyes of one’s partner. It is not more to ask from one. Your claim of plucking stars from skies could be tested with this principle.

Allow each other for what he/she wants to do

Consider your wife as human first then it comes to gender. Set them free to fly on the flit of their ambition. Don’t stop your wife from doing job or anything she wants and same applies on women toward their husbands. Don’t ties them with knot. If they belong to you, they will never fly or if they fly they were never meant for you ever before.

Give more, expect less, ask nothing

Life without expectations is the life of king and the life expecting more will make you end up being a bagger. So, ask nothing and do more. The advantage of practicing the principle is greater than the damage you feel in practicing it. Secret is when you do more you become giver and giving hand is always on moral superiority than the asking hand. So do and do for nothing, ask and ask too less to mention and receive as you are receiving an award.

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