5 Things To Do Before Your Marriage, Marriage in Pakistan
5 Things To Do Before Your Marriage

5 Things To Do Before Your Marriage

Shadi is the name of another life that cut you completely off from your previous life pattern. Though every phase of life is beautiful but shadi is one of them that is a watershed event in one’s life, so one must be prepared accordinglyNobody will tell you that how to prepare for it and there is no guidance manual available in the market as well. So, some of the rules which are going to be scribbled down here must be followed to make your life more successful and happy. The major purpose to get ready for the big event is to shun the disappointment level from your married life.

Shun off all negativeness

Its normal to have apprehensions about your future life but it is also possible to develop positive feelings toward future. Though it is not easy, but practice should be started right after your wedding date is fixed. Avoid people who are afraid that your next life is going to be ruined and you must do more compromises being women.

Leave unnecessary memories behind

There are some bad times in one life that avoidance from them is impossible and here is an advice that such memories no matter how hard they are, should be brushed away from your memory to not have impact on your future life. Because in your future life you are not alone but with your future husband.

Get ready to compromise

It is very much dissuading that you suddenly change your nature and adopt a behavior full of submissiveness and make yourself compromising for the winwin situation. But to some extent, yes, it is true that you should train your mind for the acceptance and rejection and for the worstcase scenario because after all its your life in which you will be not alone anymore. So, compromise not always, but often, is cool idea.

In-laws are not bad people

Your parents are also in-laws for some women. So, consider them good people to be treated as their daughter. They are always good. It’s just the stereotyping that make you think that they could be harmful or anything worst.

Respect is a key factor

Respect always pays you in one or another form. So, pay regards and earn respect. Respect them for humanity sake not for what they are. It will add value in your personality. There are 70 percent issues which could be resolved with curtsy and respect factor.

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