Saying I do is not only required on your wedding day, it is the routine thing

Marriages are not as easy to maintain. A great deal of struggle is required to keep the solemn vow fresh. Marriage requires consent, agreement and the revival of promise every day. Marriage is a subject matter of certainty routinely whereas certainty is not in the substance of nature. The contrast between the vow taken as husband or wife and the human nature makes a lethal combination. Marriage demand this contrast to be verified every morning. On the day of marriage, when you say i do on every demand from the spouse bonds you into an eternal marital relationship. The gravity of the words can be gauged through the power of the words. Mere two words to repeat after nikah khuwa bond you into an unbreakable relation. On the flip side, the very relationship can be breached if you are not saying i do every morning. Here the revival of the agreement you do on the day of wedding is tantamount to being nice, supportive, loving, caring and accepting the responsibility of your spouse in all means.

The vow needed to be upgraded to revive the status quo

There comes inertia in life. When a little stroke is needed to get the going of life again. Marriage life is also vulnerable to status quo. And in the very situation, there you need to say ‘i Do’ once more and once again to revive the thrive of life. In marriage scene is little different than the life you have while single. From single to double, you learn how to stay in the duo by taking care of your partner more than yourself.

Refreshing the promise is safe to have a healthy bond in life

Healthy relation demands little romance every day. And revising the words ‘ i do ‘ gives the situation a new boom to life. It must be ending in a smooth relationship. When two people live together, skirmishes and conflict take place. And the only remedy to kill the germs of conflict is revival of vow.

Re-agreement of solemn promise reminds each other that the story is not old

Saying it through the acts in practical reminds one that he/she is not alone. The wedding is not old. We are still husband and wife. has developed a platform where you can find such a helpful advises.


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