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Increased divorce rate filed by women is alarming

It is not so old an era when only men had the prerogative to divorce. Although women shared and enjoy equal right to divorce and make choice of separation. But the new trend emerging from the base of modernism has made women realized that they have the right to get him to the task if he has violated any rule of marriage. Though Zaroorat e rishta in Pakistan is increasing in abundance but at the same time rate of divorce is increasing as well. There are host of reasons that have caused such a change. The very causes that have led to divorce has happened for the good reason. Categorically, it is totally not falling into a meaning that divorce is an appreciable thing or it is good thing to do. Divorce is good where you are coming into violent servility or submission, divorce is the last resort to be filed when you are unable to bear the torture anymore. Bearing torture and cruelty is itself a cruel act. In the old days, women has been taught to prefer her corpse to be taken out from her in-laws in case she had to leave the place. For the very reasons. Contemporary happenings happen to be for good and women must take such a taboo into consideration.

Digital media

It was an era when there was a state channel influenced with patriarchy. Women was stereotyped and culture has some barricades which were unable to cross by women. The emergence of digital media a.k.a social media has changed the perspectives. It has turned the turtle.

Globalization of values

Western culture by various means has influenced Muslim cultures. Though Muslim culture is a rich culture but from the days of it decay, it has accepted some values, perspectives from the modern American culture. Though, status of women was revived by Islam but they did not stick to the values. Globalization in mid-20th century has re-introduced that women has some rights which must be taken into consideration.

Awareness of women rights

Today’s women is aware of her rights. And that awareness intrigues her to take some action instead of staying in an unwanted situation just for the sake of society, and parents advice that never leave your in laws house ever. Women must know how to treat herself and to what extent a torture is to be borne.

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