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The Key Ingredient to Creating a Lasting Marriage- Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy haunt you when you are in a relationship to the extent where it lost its true spirit and real meaning. It is described as feelings of love, trust and respect. It allows a person to be vulnerable. It makes a person be at disposal of his spouse. Emotional intimacy makes you stand open and prone to emotional injury. Though it is beautiful to be vulnerable but at the same time it requires some added values which must be taken care before being intimate emotionally. Emotional intimacy is powerful and a critical part of any transformative relationship and a lasting marriage. Free online marriage sites have such advice pieces but the one is going to be shared here is a wonderful piece. The power of emotional intimacy is that it transforms relationships and creates stability, empowerment, freedom, and deep fulfillment. These are the key ingredients that form emotionally intimate relationship. Matrimony online has blogs which do not actually advice you like shaadee.pk

  1. Stability

Sharing your most vulnerable time of your life even strengthens your spirit and add an unbelievable amount of security. But it truly depends upon the person who do not run away and don’t play upon the insecurities of yours. We usually have our guards up due to some past experiences of rejection. That leads us to stay defensive to avoid the hurting things. Even sometimes we don’t share because we don’t want to drive the other person away.Stability comes when you are exposed and are left with nothing to lose anything else.

  1. Freedom and empowerment

Deepest sorrows are the sole reason that hold us hostage and don’t let us unshackles the fetters of our mind. Feeling that way can keep you from reaching out to people and connecting with others because you think you don’t have anything interesting to offer. When you add emotional intimacy to that insecurity (a spouse who takes the time to listen to you and your ‘boring’ thoughts and feelings while being non-judgmental and accepting) then you might start to question how boring and uninteresting you actually are. So being emotionally intimate make you go through the analyses of your own and you get to know that you are a good catch. This is how you get to free your mind and feel empowerment

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