The Secret to Happy Marriages – A Compatible Attachment Style

Attachment styles have much to do with the make or break a relationship. The up and downs, the addictive emotional swings of your partners, the heartbreaks, all your relationship history comes to surface in clear when you read and diagnose your attachment style after reading it. You will get to realize that actually you were avoidant and your partner was not crazy, clingy or overly emotional: they were anxious attachment types. Matrimony online websites has so many piece of advice but the real piece is here at

  1. Secure attachment type

The secure type is quite comfortable to have. With intimacy and emotional closeness, both partners stay busy in giving and receiving it the statements like ‘I like you. I love you, etc.They render honest and upfront. It’s not that they are not afraid of rejection or they are some kind of superheroes. It is just they are giving and receiving equal amount of care and love that keep both of them secure.

  1. Anxious attachment type

The anxious attachment craves and needs intimacy but is afraid the partner doesn’t want it as much. It gives an impression that you are unwanted and your partner do not wants you.The anxious type gets very nervous when their partner is away and they will seek to re-establish contact very early. The anxious one make a lethal combination with an avoidant and have a negative impact on the anxious one. Avoidant has less to lose in such type.

  1. Avoidant attachment type

They are normal human beings want and crave for emotional attachment but they cut off the need of intimacy whenever things get too close.  Sometimes people confuse them with unemotional people, but that’s not true. When avoidant face life difficulties or trauma, or when they are alone, they need intimacy. But as soon as they get, their craving for freedom and independence has more share to impact their personality than the need of intimacy. Studies seem to point to more men than women among avoidant.

Your attachment style can make or break your marriage. If you’re an anxious woman -more likely- or man, make sure you pick a partner who’s secure -i.e. Comfortable with intimacy. You will spare yourself years of pain and you will build your marriage on the strong foundations of a safe and intimate relationship otherwise the nature different than you can break and torment you.


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