The best partner, with more differences or with more similarities, Marriage in Pakistan
The best partner, with more differences or with more similarities

The Best Partner, With More Differences Or With More Similarities

A common myth that is said recurrently that compatibility between partners makes the life easier. But the reality according to psychological research is different which explicitly dictates that absolute similarities are not compelling to retain relationship but the other way around. Striking differences create contingency to save relationship from decadence. It saves relationship from boredom. Beauty of differences are beautiful until compulsion to impose one’s opinion is essential. Usually the like- mindedness is encouraged instead of binding two opposite people because differences creates complexities more than tranquility.

But a healthy relation requires fine mixture of similarities and differences with the quality of coping with each other in the best possible manners by giving each other due respect for difference of opinions. Respect for the difference of opinion.

You have the right to disagree but in agreeable manners

Disagreeing is not wrong but disagreeing in disagreeable manner is wrong. If he/ she pose and opinion with you, you must reject it if you differ with it but ensure that your way of rejecting must not hurt your partner. This way you both can stay adhering to each other without marginalizing each other’s tendencies.

Appreciate similarities as well as differences

Typical personalities go to find sameness while adventurous and thrilling personalities relinquish such drudgery. Ease in every walk of life is considered laudable but if you find some incompatible characteristics in him/her then you should appreciate it. It’s not necessary that you always seek consistent qualities in him/her with you.

Every human being is different, accept the fact

Life is beautiful with the fact that everyone is different. Colors of life are the product of variant nature of men. When wife or husband have the unnatural demand from each other that they should be in consistent to each other first to establish relationship. But they end up heart broken.

Accept being wrong

Every human being reacts under the pressure of his egotistical approach. People don’t accept their mistakes. This way they lose the loved one and win their own souls.

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