Man Is From Mars, Women Is From Venus And Children From Heaven; How To Get A Balanced Life, Marriage in Pakistan
Man Is From Mars, Women Is From Venus And Children From Heaven; How To Get A Balanced Life

Man Is From Mars, Women Is From Venus And Children From Heaven; How To Get A Balanced Life

Men and women are different yet equal in humanitarian grounds. Different nature yet the nature demand equal opportunities. Drawing on this hypothesis It is unwitting to conclude that women are emotional, and men are rational. Women can analyze things strategically, but man can. Judging each other beyond their area of capacity only on unilateral impulse of your own is no recommendation. Don’t marginalize but give margin to each other. Considering your wife emotional irrational out rightly without understanding her position keeping in view her origin is one of the factors amongst many where relationship breaks, on the other hand, giving no space to your husband for emotional outburst and demanding rationality always is next to break. Such Stereotypical attitude toward each other reflects social thinking at a broader level. It is Imperative that both respect each other’s idiosyncratic characteristic to put a breaking relation in the making process.

She is emotional for good reason

It is quite a myth that her emotional quotient has more room in her personality than her logical one.
And if it is true than it is true for good reason. Had there been human with manly nature the world would have gone relentless. Emotions are her weapon, her strength and her quality. Men must not confirm such mythical stereotyping by turning her strength into weakness.

He is rational for good sake

Don’t just assume that your husband is too drynatured man to be romantic. His rationality must not be taken as his weakness. He is romantic and cool under the cloak of stern poker face. Its normal when he looks angry. He is fine. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of life and try to understand his nature.

She can have the intellect as man have

How can creator create a woman without intellectual mindfulness. She must become a mother. A mother has the responsibility on her. She must build a moral character of a nation. Balanced mix of emotions and rationality makes a man perfect.

He is human, he can have emotional outbursts

If he never cried for years, you should be afraid because such calm composure must be carrying thousands of outbursts inside and someday it can blow up for a great deal with the great consequences. So, time to time emotional demonstrations for men are as necessary as for women to have the healthy balance in life.

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