What you can find on shaadee.pk?

We are private

Privacy is our motto. We strictly follow this basic tenet of life.  What differentiate shaadee.pk from others is that it is the private platform which provide one with complete information under privacy rules. You can totally trust on the procedure. There is a majority prefer marriage in a traditional way and consider online process of Rishta beyond reverence and authenticity. But we are here particularly trained for keeping secrecy of the sacred matters. We take care of our traditions and follow the social trends.

We have personalized matchmaking team

Matchmaking have been the most pressing issue through our life time. It is an intricate and a bit complex one issue. The unfair trade off between the matchmaker aunties and rishta parties end up in standoff. The typical matchmakers deals solely aims to earn reward so they don’t care a fig to get involved in the matters of families of bride and groom. Shaadee.pk is unlike to the above situation. The latter idea is totally established on the ground of love, trust, kindness and privacy. Shaadee.pk team has a special matchmaking team which is trained under the special terms. They are expert in understanding the psyche of parents. They understand what a modern era women or men wants in his/her partner. One person is assigned with one rishta family. These special arrangements have been made just to address the unnoticed but nettling details regarding matchmaking.

We are online

When you hear about having an online account you are marginally at stake of privacy loss. Shaadee.pk is congenial. It gives you the facility to scroll the shaadee.pk app or its website on your system to find the perfect match. It is as same as you have other social media accounts.

We are trustworthy

Trust must be kept. And we do keep it. Trust comes first before money. We sale rishtay in exchange of your trust. We have earned name in the nick of time. We have no other standard to measure success but through the grades on the trust scale. There is no entity match able to trust.

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