When Cinderella found the salvation in marrying a prince—did she become a happier person?

We have a lot of expectations from marriage that it will solve our all explicit and implicit problems of life. This is a misleading statement. In our society such an idea of attaching the happiness with marriage has been imbued owing to various reasons. Some of them are cultural constraints, social fabric of traditionalism and the religious practices. We let our daughters grow up with the feeling that they will be freed from the unseen shackles of customs, norms and values on the day when they get husband.  For these innocent girls, the biggest goal to achieve is marriage. This is also a miss interpretation. They leave one chains of traditions and get themselves to tie into another. Neither Happiness depends upon having a perfect man not unhappiness depends upon having a wrong person. Happiness is a phenomenon that occurs within yourself. The feelings of security, respect, empathy and sensitivity outweigh the feelings of love. These emotions and feelings come along love but some love marriages are void of these emotions. These are only love marriages. Such so called love marriages failed to sustain relationship. They break off sooner than one can expect. The happiness lies in being respected and loved. Depending on your spouse for having such feelings is wrong expectation. One can love, pamper, care, secure and respect oneself. Marital life can be made beautiful by expecting less and giving more. How can you expect happiness from the one who is already suffering from insecurity? Insecure people can never be made secure. They will always feel less no matter how much one is giving them. The peace and tranquility arise within themselves. Marriage is not about love or finding a perfect life partner. Marriage is about what you do when you discover you can be with the most perfect person for you—and still find yourself frustrated, exhausted, dragged down, and at your wit’s end. Marriage won’t do the work for you. Marriage is more than a story of prince and princess who end up living happily after. They show Cinderella finds the salvation in marrying a prince. The framework of love is not as easy as the Disney stories depict. Our partners are not to satiate our every emotional need. They are here to be our companion, an equal being of ourselves. Learn how to love not how to be loved. The latter is also very important but the former is essential to be happy. The more you give to your partner the more you are happier and become a less expecting person. The very practice make you end up being a happy person. On the foundation of love the pillars must be harmony, sympathy and sensitivity to support the roof of your relationship. To catch the sky of your spouse, first you need to hold the earth of yourself. It indicates that self-love brings you happiness instead of expecting form your spouse.

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