When in Marriage, listen more, speak less; you are successful.

After 10 years of marriage what do you think that what is the main culprit that soils the charm of marriage? Why the fights and conflicts are increasing day by day? The practices depict that miscommunication leads to misunderstanding which sow the bone of contention. If the communication is improved then nothing left in the marriage that can impair the best relationship to be happen between the two of you. There are some ways and methods which, if be applied religiously, it can mend the relationship because it is not an olx shadi which can be used in careless ways.

Be an active listener

At least listen them. When you are tired and you go home after office, you don’t want to listen to your wife. On the other hand she has been tied up to too many things and have assembled lot of collections of happening to share with you. The conflict occurs when you don’t listen and she don’t understand that why she should gauge the situation first before speaking and if the grounds are favorable to talk

Be aware of their body language

Body language especially in case of you wife matters a lot. Women has some natural phenomenon in which their body language tells the tale of something other than the tongue speaks. You must be present in the situation not only physically but mentally as well.

Make sure you’re ready to engage in conversation

If you are busy in something else and you are not sure that you are going to respond according to the situation then you must buy time and give appointment for some next hours. That will save you from having bad mood from the other party as well as. The next hours must be designed according to your own convenience when you are ready to listen and act according to the situation. Be fully involved in the conversation.

Communication in marriage is much more than just our words. It involves body language, your presence, your attitude and the positivity. You get married for the first time, second marriage is just a need. If it is broken, you will be surfing ‘Find a Life Partner’ on Google and you cannot find easily. So save your marriage first.




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