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  • Connections Limit: 20
  • Recommendations Limit: 30
  • Expiry: 4 months

Enjoy our “Basic package “which is a self-service plan to search for your partner based on your preferences. In this plan, the choice of matches is limited to those candidates only who also have subscribed to the “Basic package”. The validity period for this package is 4 months. Have a happy Basic package; explore and connect with potential partners at your own will and dedicated time.

Premium Plus


  • Connections Limit: 40
  • Recommendations Limit: 60
  • Expiry: 12 months

Discover a world of possibilities, we ensure quality International and Domestic Rishty that aligns with your preferences. Benefit from the expertise of a personalized matchmaker who will assist you in finding suitable rishtas. As a Premium Plus member, you can also feature your profile for maximum visibility. Enjoy the privilege of viewing contact details on a potential match's profile upon their permission. You have ample time to embark on your journey by choosing this amazing package.

Signature Package


  • Connections Limit: 60
  • Recommendations Limit: 80
  • Expiry: 12 months

Experience the signature package by, this is the ‘Best-Selling Offer. You will gain access to basic and extensive search options for both International and domestic Rishtas. Additionally, matchmaker offers a range of additional services that include proposal shortlisting, WhatsApp sharing, and client application management. Signature member can feature their profile for maximum visibility on the website. This is one of the best offers till now. Subscribe and have hassle free Rishta service.

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