5 Surefire Signs that you are Ready for Marriage

Your friends are pairing off, and you feel like it’s time to settle down. Are you just giving in to peer pressure, or do you really want to get married? Check out these signs and see if you’re ready for marriage.

  1. You Know Why You Want to Get Married: There are pictures of sherwanis and lehngas all over your Facebook feed—is that what you want? Do you just want to be able to say you’re married, or do you really want to spend your life with a partner? If you want to get married
  2. You Know What You’re Looking For In A Partner: Once upon a time, you were just hoping to get married to someone who looked like a supermodel. But now you can actually define the values and traits that matter to you (in addition to attraction). You can’t predict your future, but you have some sense of what you want it to look like and the type of spouse you want to be in it.
  3. Your Feet are Toasty Warm: When you’re about to enter a marriage, your feet shouldn’t be cold. Instead, they should be toasty warm — a.k.a., confident. Being ready for marriage often comes with a healthy and appropriate sense that you’re making a huge, life-changing decision.
  4. It isn’t About Convenience: If you’re ready for marriage, you can’t wait to take the next step — and not because it will make life easier in any way. It’s not about convenience, finances, or finding security, it’s about sharing your life with a trusted partner, and growing together.
  5. You’re planning a Marriage, Not a Wedding: Weddings are fun parties, a chance to see all your friends and family in one place. But is this why you’re getting married? Do you just want to have a big party and be the center of attention? Weddings last several hours, but a marriage lasts forever. (Hopefully!) If you’re planning for your whole life instead of one day, then you’re definitely ready for your marriage!

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