Interesting Valentine’s Day Traditions around the Globe

Valentine’s Day is coming and stores are filled with stuffed animals, chocolates, red dresses and more. It is a common misconception that it’s all about boxes of chocolates and teddy bears. However, every country has different traditions for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Following are few countries with their respective traditions:

South Korea

It is a favorite holiday for young couples in the country. Different variations of Valentine’s Day are celebrated from February to April. Women start the celebrations by giving flowers, candies, and chocolates to their partners on 14th Feb. March 14th or locally known as White Day is men’s day as they give gifts, chocolates, candies and flowers to their partners.

And for singles there is another holiday – Black Day which is celebrated on 14th April to mourn their single status.


China has equivalent of Valentine’s Day which is known as the Seventh Night Festival or Qixi. It is celebrated each year on the seventh day of the 7th lunar month. According to folklore, Zhinu, daughter of a heavenly king, fell in love with a poor cowherd, Niulang. They married and she gave birth to twins. When her father learned this fact, he sent her mother to bring Zhinu back. However, after hearing the cries of the children and Niulang, he allowed his daughter to meet them once a year on Qixi.

On this day, couples go to the temple and pray for prosperity and happiness while young ladies offer fruits to Zhinu for getting a good husband.


Most of the Valentine’s Day celebrations in the country are same like Western countries. However, one tradition has become quite popular in the Philippines which is getting married on 14th Feb. Thousands of couples each year share this wedding date. In recent years, mass wedding ceremonies occur on Valentine’s Day.


France has always considered the most romantic destinations of the world. It’s been said that it is the country where first Valentine’s Day card was exchanged. Charles, Duke of Orleans, was imprisoned in the Tower of London and he sent his wife love letters. This tradition is still popular not only in France but other countries as well.

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