Three major disputes between husband and wife

Disputes are natural to occur. Conflicts are blind. Perception plays major role. Every human being is different. A lot of things have their role in making one’s perception. The art of perceiving things in its accurate sense is a skill that is not common in common man. It requires one to practice. Perception and understanding of things vary person to person.

Husband and wife are the two basic tenet of society. Individualism ends here when one entered in a marital bond. The word, ‘compromise’ becomes the norm of life. Making two persons to live with each other irrespective of their different nature, moods and aptitudes lead to emergence of Conflicts. 99% marriages occur on the basis of elements other than love and understanding and compassion. Even a love marriage can be a victim of conflicts. It’s just a human nature demand that can’t stand without having conflict. The maturity and the art to handle the issue make a couple stand with each other till their old age. In absence of prudent dealing of issues leads to breaking up the marital relationship on trivial matters. There are three major things among many that cause harm to relationship.


Shadi rishtay are not easy to make. It burns the midnight oil to develop a relationship. Money shares the major part in marital life. A common saying truly reflect the idea that when money stop coming from door the love among the family dies of its own death. Love and money has deeper link than a common man understand.  A partner must not manipulate the things related ton money because once the trust is lost, the relationship is nothing but a hollow and shallow bond of commitment that can be broke off anytime where.

Attitude problem

A person with good humor, and a light mood is always attractive. Husbands are often rude. They devalue their partner with the passage of time. It happens in case of wife too. Bad attitude erode away the happiness from family. Life is short. They need to bear every adversity of life in laughter. Good and positive attitude plays a great role in deciding whether marriage will be a happy marriage or just a compromise marriage.  

Extended family issues/ Relative in-laws problems

A typical Pakistani husband will keep his parents and unmarried sisters with him. don’t suggest that parents should be abandoned but they must keep themselves from interfering into the life of newly wedded couple. The intrusion of other people often spoil the relationship. The third party involvement is poisonous for couple to in order to avoid conflict. has shred its own opinion in the above write up. It must not cause any offence. not only help people to have their partner from its platform but it also have a keen eye on the social fabrics which are losing its essence due to marital issues which are increasing day by day.

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