Women needs more than equal.

Women needs more than equal.

When they want equality that means they want to get involve in the work which are not meant for them. Women and men are assigned different roles. Society define roles and gives status to all. Keeping this work divide men and women actions are acceptable only in the roles which are assigned to them. Deviance is revolutionary which is sometimes accepted and rejected by the members of society. 

The debate of equality generated when women thought that they are having less and are under privileged. When roles were being divided, women got the submissive one and men took the dominant one.

From this incident women raised the slogan of feminism. Rishta between men and women is so delicate. This is another debate that there should be equality or not when it comes to the division of roles in society but Islam takes another route and take stand for women which is best among all others. Islam gives not only equal rights but more than equal. The concept of equity means to give the one what he deserve. There is a possibility that women at some point needs more opportunity than men and at some time vice versa. Equity gives them more. Equality is not possible because women are not designed to work what a men can do, and men cannot perform what a women can do. This is the simple hypothesis of life. It’s not that society has nurtured the members. The biology is involved. Human bodies reflect the true nature of aptitude. Women are sensitive in making rishtay. They have a soft heart. Men are bit hard in nature. This is on purpose. To keep the society in balance, men and women are bound to work in their assigned orbits. But the discrimination that came to women way must be eliminated. In case of this elimination, there is a need to replace the slogan of equality with equity because women wants more than they need.

Another perspective to see this issue is, ‘’ men and women are different but equal’’. The word ‘Different’ and ‘equal’ connote that men and women are not equal in any way. If they are different then how can they be equal? Difference always create inequality. Women constitute the half of the population of the world. You cannot force half of the population to stick to one role and leave the other jobs at the expense of other half of the generation. To strike a balance one side of the balancer must weigh more than the other. Because sometime inequality in terms of equity serves the best that equality. We should learn to treat women giving her more by keeping her complexities in mind.

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