Women Empowerment: Institutionalizing Transfer of Inheritance to Women

Nothing can empower women but her being paid off her due share in the property. Her better socio-economic situation can liberate her from the violence at home and oppression in a public place which is better for both the individual and for society at the same time. The transfer of inheritance impacts women’s experience of violence and can bring the following dividends:

1.      First, income generation prospects lower the risk of her being hurt from physical, mental or psychological torture. On the other side, economically empowered women protect their rights as generally as a man does. In addition, she gets livelihood security, more tremendous respect, and freedom of autonomous decision making.

2.      Second, the objection made to the dowry will be minimized. Nobody will raise an eyebrow at the things, even sub-standard, she got in her dowry. Chances of her subjugation will be lower. She will be treated as a normal human being regardless of any bias.

3.      Third, it is understood that even men can’t escape abuse, oppression, or discrimination when they are less paid or impecunious. Then on what grounds women can be forgiven for this, plus she is a woman, which is an added salt on the injury. Only financially stable women can escape the vicious circle of continuous abuse.

4.      Fourth, empowering women is not just a token of freedom for the women but salvation for the whole family. She can support her family, children, run the house and even can support her husband

5.      Fifth, giving women their rightful share help in capacity building of the half population of the county. They would not only manage their household effectively, but they would also share the country’s economic growth.

6.      Last, but not least, financial independence and economic security empower them to take self-care independently without relying on another family member.

Likely chances are that women empowerment not in theory but its practical implementation can control the social upheaval and disarray. Dowry burning, bride burning, honour killing like events will have less opportunity to occur.

Few policy interventions are listed below that are inevitable for starting the roller coaster ride of this needed change:

1.      State should take action in implementing the rules and laws defined. Normalize giving the share to daughters from the inheritance property.

2.      National media should take the charge of making the implantation of legal safeguards provided in Article 24 of the constitution of Pakistan practical.

3.      Political will is also very important in this case. There is a need to involve the state here because things are out of control at the social level.

Shaadee.pk encourages women empowerment at the core. Opponents of women empowerment disagree with the idea of giving women freedom because they misinterpret it. The above-discussed advantages of women given freedom are unlikely to cause harm to the family and social system in large perspective.

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