Christmas card Distribution: Karachi event.

Its Christmas. It means holidays, happiness, family gatherings, sweets and celebrations. The whole Pakistan is celebrating and wishing happy Christmas to the christian community. The Christmas card distribution event went great and amazing bythe Our Christmas bradri belongs to us. Muslims were minority when we got independence so the …

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Karachi Carnival | 14-15 December

karachi is the heart of Pakistan, holds the center stage in every walk of life. when it comes to matrimonial matters, karachi is upfront. This time chose Karachi for the event to tell people about marriage and nuptial matters that how easy it has become. we gathered lot of …

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Masala Family Festival (10-11 Nov)

When it comes to Masala Family Festival, family and house wife comes in mind. So this time we managed to set the stage at Masala Family Festival. Women were cautious at first but when they get to know that we make Rishtay  through the Love that is online they turned …

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