5 Things To Do Before Your Marriage

5 Things To Do Before Your Marriage, Marriage in Pakistan

Shadi is the name of another life that cut you completely off from your previous life pattern. Though every phase of life is beautiful but shadi is one of them that is a watershed event in one’s life, so one must be prepared accordingly.  Nobody will tell you that how …

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Knowing Before Marriage; What You Say?

Knowing Before Marriage; What You Say, Marriage In Pakistan

Its an old school when you encounter with your life partner on just wedding day. Today, youth wonder that how could they get together without knowing each other first. In modern day, it has become fathomable that ones dating before marriage is as crucial as meeting after marriage to avoid …

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The Best Partner, With More Differences Or With More Similarities

The best partner, with more differences or with more similarities, Marriage in Pakistan

A common myth that is said recurrently that compatibility between partners makes the life easier. But the reality according to psychological research is different which explicitly dictates that absolute similarities are not compelling to retain relationship but the other way around. Striking differences create contingency to save relationship from decadence. …

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True Love Lasts Till The Last Breath

True love lasts till the last breath, Marriage in Pakistan

Nikah is the form of true love, one can manifest with its true spirit. It is the bond that can stay for the life time. Practice of demanding love by overlooking its natural requirement, Nikah, is illogical. Such practice leads to no logical ending. its product is mere heart break, …

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How to Manage Your Finances after Marriage?

Congratulations on starting the new chapter of your life. After spending all that time planning your Big Day and the excitement leading up to it, we’re sure you’d want to extend the honeymoon period indefinitely. And it’s not impossible – you just have to do this one thing before all …

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5 Tips for Online Proposals

Online proposal are all about getting to know people at a deeper level and being able to make the right proactive choice for life-partner. Are you ready to meet your soul-mate? If the answer is yes, you should consider the following advice.

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5 Habits of Happy Muslim Couples

Happy couples aren’t necessarily perfect but there are certain habits that they’ve perfected over the course of their marriages which provide anchors in their marriage. As Muslims, our one unbreakable belief is that Allah is witness to our intents, desires and actions and this belief goes a long way in …

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