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Pakistan has rich wedding culture in South Asian marriages

Pakistani weddings are spectacular regarding its nature as they are colorful and entertaining. Shadi in Pakistan creates a new happening in one’s life and makes shadi as a ritual to perform as Eid and other events in Pakistan. Our culture is very rich particularly in wedding matters. We have taken …

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What you can find on the shaadee.pk. plate ?

Online matrimonial websites are gaining attention in the wake of online rishta search among masses but genuine thing is a hard nut to crack. Here Shaadee.pk is what people are looking for because it is trustworthy, private and dedicated and clearly demarcate the lines between Dating and Shadi. As it …

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Feminism; The right kind- shaadee.pk perspective

Feminism; The right kind- shaadee.pk perspective It was seen on the roads across Pakistan that thought provoking rallies came out to support women rights, restorative justice, and economic justice, against harassment, in the favor of favorable work laws, implementation of labor laws, security for the house wife, recognition of women’s …

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Forced marriages- A sinful act

The age we live is the age of hybridization. Fundamental human rights are the core value of present time. Forced marriages cannot be justified on any religious or cultural basis. In international law forced marriages are amount to a form of domestic violence. In Pakistani society forced marriages are camouflaged …

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Career first, Marriage later, a new way of life

Social pressure is the most unavoidable thing in any of the circumstances particularly in marriage case, society wants to see the norms to be followed. It do not bear any deviance. First, it sets the norm and then force you to follow it.  In some of the social setup marrying …

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5 Proven Solutions to Divorce

Go for counseling The most effective solution is involving someone in your issues. The third person as an arbiter can analyse the situation dispassionately. So counselling though is a modern way to save your marriage but is a proven method indeed. It can remove all the disproportionate issues from your …

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