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Dealing With Repeated Infidelity in Marriage

The sanctity of the sacred vow ‘I do’ is breached at the very moment when you learn to know that your husband is a repeat philanderer. In Pakistan, the culture has been sculpted in a way that such issues must not be talked about. As some sociologist believe that talking …

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Secrets, you should keep from your partner

Everyone has its personal life and when they share that personal life, it become marital life. It is a common myth which is commonly known that after marriage you must tell your husband all what you see, observe and feel never hide anything from him. But this is not a …

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Increased divorce rate filed by women is alarming

It is not so old an era when only men had the prerogative to divorce. Although women shared and enjoy equal right to divorce and make choice of separation. But the new trend emerging from the base of modernism has made women realized that they have the right to get …

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Seek character instead beauty

This is a dilemma of the present society that all men want a beautiful wife. If the demand for the good face is going to be in the trend then average face must seek another world to reside in. this is the growing issue in the wake of getting married …

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How to overcome insecurities in your marriage

Insecurity is the inner voice of oneself and it arise when the misbalance of status comes between the two. It tells you that you are a failure and your spouse has a name in the outside world, you are unable to catch attention when you two attend a meeting, you …

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Late marriage is no shame

Social pressure is the most unavoidable in any of the circumstances. In some of the social setup marrying at some fixed point of age is very crucial. Marriage is the soul of any social patter. Social fabric can be coarsen if the marital relations and bonding have some unusual and …

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